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The Financial Matrix Controls People, Companies, and Nations

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 1, 2015

6a00e54eedbee1883401b7c77b0f32970b-320wiThe Financial Matrix does not just control individuals since many companies and governments are also hopelessly in debt. The Bible admonition clearly states that the borrower is slave to the lender which makes governments, companies, and individuals all pseudo-slaves to the money powers. In effect, the State has acquiesced to subserviency in order to have access to the funds necessary to maintain its power base. Accordingly, it supports the Fractional-Reserve-Banking (FRB) fraud of creating money out of thin air (fiat money) so that it can receive low interest loans from banks who then turnaround and loan the same money to companies as well as individuals. The central banks partnership with the Big Banks FRB system allows the same fiat money to be loaned to at least 10 different customers at the same time.

Can anyone else see how this system inflates the money supply and creates unbelievable profits for the banking system? This inflation robs the purchasing power of your dollars and causes prices to increase since the money supply is increasing faster than the productive capacity of society is. The bankers inflation causes a boom that always leads to the crack up boom and society’s entrepreneurs and borrowers always suffer the consequences as the bank forecloses on the real property securing their fiat loans. Is it any wonder the banks always have the biggest buildings in every big city. 🙂

Inflation, however is just the final consequence of borrowing fools gold from the banking system. There are, in fact four others. First, when society allows the State/Big Banks money cartel to loan out fools gold as spendable money within society, the society suffers irreparable harm when forced to pay back fools gold (fake wealth) with real production (real wealth). Furthermore, when governments take on debt, they are forced to raise taxes to service the growing interest charges. This means the subjects in the Financial Matrix have their wealth siphoned off directly (in their personal debt) and indirectly (in the taxes paid to service governments debt).

But there are still more siphons. For when companies also take on debt to the money powers, they must increase prices in order to service the interest. Here is a third way the Financial Matrix reaches into the peoples pockets. Dismally, there is still another Financial Matrix siphon on people’s production (The Matrix movie siphoning off people’s energy wasn’t far from the truth), namely, the price increases companies roll out to pay their corporate taxes. Unless, the corporation is an international conglomerates owned by the money powers (in which case they pay little to no corporate taxes because they do accounting in international tax havens and use tax loophole laws in their favor), the corporation must pay taxes that cause an even higher price on products/services because all the cost associated with a product is ultimately passed onto consumers or the business would not survive.

In sum, the people are subjected to four separate siphons on their income due to the Financial Matrix – 1) personal interest charges, 2) personal income taxes to pay government interest charges, 3) prices increases on products needed to live to pay company interest charges, and, finally, 4) prices increases on products needed to live in order for the company to pay corporate taxes so that government can pay its interest charges. All the income losses and increased living expenses results from the Financial Matrix’s power to loan out fake money to be paid back by real production. Simply put, this is the greatest form of control ever created by the elites. True, a person trapped in the Financial Matrix is not directly coerced by his creditors, but the fear of drowning in a deluge of debt causes him to obey just the same.   

The Financial Matrix works so effectively because it so difficult to understand the rigged game. For instance, did anyone teach you financial literacy in school or teach you that the banks can digitize debt (fiat money) with State support and that the people must then pay it back with real production. Not 1 in a 100,000 even comprehends the Financial Matrix, let alone knows how to resist it. This is why I wrote the Financial Matrix – to teach people how to live free from the most effective matrix of control the elites have ever produced. Unfortunately, the dumbed down educational system has done it work well, leaving many so hopelessly inured to the debt system that they will fight to maintain it. Others merely shrug off the fact that year by year they work harder for less as their debt loads continues to increase.

Few seem to understand that as debt increases our liberty decreases. Our once free nations under God has now become a bound nations over drawn. Thankfully, however, there is a growing movement within society of people who are taking personal responsibility. Justice can only be served by ending the practice of fiat money and FRB banking and stabilizing the money supply by ending the State/Big Bank money cartel. The market would quickly return money to a commodity standard (typically a combination of gold, silver, and copper) that cannot be manipulated at will by the elites. With a stable money supply, entrepreneurs can begin calculating cost and profit accurately, speculation profits at society’s expense will end, and the people’s money will not be inflated away unbeknownst to the majority of them.

Perhaps the best commentator on the State/Big Banks unethical alliance in the 20th century was the economist and historian Dr. Murray Rothbard. His insights and thoughts led me to discover the Financial Matrix. Dr. Joseph Salerno wrote a fascinating introduction to one of Rothbard’s books that describes why the State always ends up abusing society’s members even though it was designed to protect them.

After reading Mises, Rothbard, Salerno and others, I realized the fools gold loans from the money powers was creating fools of the borrowers who were selling their liberties for things. LIFE Leadership has created a Financial Fitness Program that can walk any person step-by-step through a plan to escape by learning to play defense, offense, and understanding the Financial Matrix. Read Salerno’s description of the State’s power grab and ask yourself what is your plan to break free from the Financial Matrix.


Orrin Woodward

Joseph Salerno

Dr. Joseph Salerno

At the core of this generalization is the insight that the State throughout history has been essentially an organization of a segment of the population that forsakes peaceful economic activity to constitute itself as a ruling class. This class makes its living parasitically by establishing a permanent hegemonic or “political” relationship between itself and the productive members of the population.

This political relationship permits the rulers to subsist on the tribute or taxes routinely and “legally” expropriated from the income and wealth of the producing class. The latter class is composed of the “subjects” or, in the case of democratic states, the “taxpayers,” who earn their living through the peaceful “economic means” of production and voluntary exchange. In contrast, constituents of the ruling class may be thought of as “tax-consumers” who earn their living through the coercive “political means” of taxation and the sale of monopoly privileges.  Rothbard argues that economic logic dictates that the king and his courtiers, or the democratic government and its special interest groups, can never constitute more than a small minority of the country’s population—that all States, regardless of their formal organization, must effectively involve oligarchic rule. The reasons for this are twofold.

First, the fundamentally parasitic nature of the relationship between the rulers and the ruled by itself necessitates that the majority of the population engages in productive activity in order to be able to pay the tribute or taxes extracted by the ruling class while still sustaining its own existence. If the ruling class comprised the majority of the population, economic collapse and systemic breakdown would swiftly ensue as the productive class died out. The majoritarian ruling class itself then would either be forced into productive activity or dissolve into internecine warfare aimed at establishing a new and more stable—that is, oligarchic—relationship between rulers and producers.

The second reason why the ruling class tends to be an oligarchy is related to the law of comparative advantage. In a world where human abilities and skills vary widely, the division of labor and specialization pervades all sectors of the economy as well as society as a whole. Thus, not only is it the case that a relatively small segment of the populace possesses a comparative advantage in developing new software, selling mutual funds, or playing professional football, it is also the case that only a fraction of the population tends to excel at wielding coercive power.

Moreover, the law of comparative advantage governs the structure of relationships within as well as between organizations, accounting for the hierarchical structure that we almost invariably observe within individual organizations. Whether we are considering a business enterprise, a chess club, or a criminal gang, an energetic and visionary elite invariably comes to the fore, either formally or informally, to lead and direct the relatively inert majority. This “Iron Law of Oligarchy,” as this internal manifestation of the law of comparative advantage has been dubbed, operates to transform an initially majoritarian democratic government, or even a decentralized republican government, into a tightly centralized State controlled by a ruling elite.

The foregoing analysis leads Rothbard to conclude that the exercise of political power is inherently an oligarchic enterprise. The small minority that excels in wielding political power will tend to coalesce and devote an extraordinary amount of mental energy and other resources to establishing and maintaining a permanent and lucrative hegemonic bond over the productive majority. Accordingly, since politics is the main source of their income, the policies and actions of the members of this oligarchic ruling class will be driven primarily by economic motives. The exploited producing class, in contrast, will not expend nearly as many resources on politics, and their actions in the political arena will not be motivated by economic gain to the same degree, precisely because they are absorbed in earning their livelihoods in their own chosen areas of specialization on the market.

The ruling class, however, confronts one serious and ongoing problem: how to persuade the productive majority, whose tribute or taxes it consumes, that its laws, regulations, and policies are beneficial; that is, that they coincide with “the public interest” or are designed to promote “the common good” or to optimize “social welfare.” Given its minority status, failure to solve this problem exposes the political class to serious consequences. Even passive resistance by a substantial part of the producers, in the form of mass tax resistance, renders the income of the political class and, therefore, its continued existence extremely precarious. More ominously, attempts to suppress such resistance may cause it to spread and intensify and eventually boil over into an active revolution whose likely result is the forcible ousting of the minority exploiting class from its position of political power.

Here is where the intellectuals come in. It is their task to convince the public to actively submit to State rule because it is beneficial to do so, or at least to passively endure the State’s depredations because the alternative is anarchy and chaos. In return for fabricating an ideological cover for its exploitation of the masses of subjects or taxpayers, these “court intellectuals” are rewarded with the power, wealth, and prestige of a junior partnership in the ruling elite. Whereas in pre-industrial times these apologists for State rule were associated with the clergy, in modern times—at least since the Progressive Era in the U.S.—they have been drawn increasingly from the academy. Politicians, bureaucrats, and those whom they subsidize and privilege within the economy thus routinely trumpet lofty ideological motives for their actions in order to conceal from the exploited and plundered citizenry their true motive of economic gain. In today’s world, these motives are expressed in the rhetoric of “social democracy” in Europe and that of modern—or welfare-state—liberalism in the United States.

19 Responses to “The Financial Matrix Controls People, Companies, and Nations”

  1. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, another insightful article exposing the Financial Matrix for what it is. After reading this, how can one not raise an eyebrow when someone suggests they want to become a “career politician?” I always marvel when they vote themselves a raise. No other employee, anywhere, can do so. While it’s obvious many well-intentioned and honorable people seek to serve their nation, it must be difficult for them not to have this thinking seep into their minds after a few decades in office. No wonder a small elite invest such energy in hoarding coercive power.

  2. Olivier Jean-Baptiste said

    Thanks Orrin…

    Indeed, the “political means” of wealth creation is an adulteration of how the market enonmy is suppose to work. As Dr. Salerno said it, this distorted perspective (practice) is maintained (legitimized) by the “court intellectual”.
    This is why education (the truth) is so important in reversing this destructive state of affairs. Of course, eduction for action and not education for pure contemplation. Of course, action as it germinate from a person’s innermost dreams and aspiration.
    It looks like the individual indeed matters. No wonder that compound knowledge (based on truth) being a bit faster than compound intrest will yield great return for society. I am starting to understand that Life Leadership is up to something big with its personal development program. Bring it on!!


  3. Hilary Dorr said

    So much truth here that we don’t realize until read your blog and your financial matrix book. Thanks Orrin!

  4. Chad Palmer said

    This article is so true, looking back over man’s history you’ll find freedom is a rare and precious time period that the matrix is out to destroy. Let’s all get out of debt and watch the parasites scramble to control something else.

  5. Elaine Mallios said

    It is our modern slavery. I remember reading the book “Treasure” by the late Edwin Cole who stated how we are no longer able to choose our direction in life since we are in bondage to our debt. The easy credit has enslaved us to debt much as communism did with the allure (falsely) of more freedom. Our allure was to have what we want now and pay for it later only to find it is really a means to enslave and dominate by the ruling class much as it was in communism. The political machine to perpetuate this guise is firmly in place. Now roll the Mission Impossible music…….If you choose to accept this mission…..you can live a life of freedom.

  6. Willie Toliver said

    Thanks Orrin for the continued insightful information, that I would probably never have access to.

    God bless

  7. Steve Meixner said

    And No One can Figure out why they get further and further Behind!!!! Thanks Orrin, I am on my way to Financial Freedom. It will soon be a Mortgage only, and then Everything I can possibly put, will go to that 🙂

  8. Rob Robson said

    Such an amazing article Orrin! Thanks for dropping another truth bomb for us to use in our fight against the Financial Matrix!

  9. AJ Smith said

    I absolutely love reading your blog. I personally have never taken an economics “class” in my life, yet from what I have learned from you, Rob Robson, and the Financial Fitness Program I can read and understand what Salerno is saying. Not only that, I had a friend ask me a few questions from one of his economic classes and I could correctly answer them. And if you didn’t catch it, outside of what I have learned from you, Rob Robson, and the Financial Fitness Program I have never studied or had any sort of schooling on economics. This is the power of the Life Leadership materials and a self-directed education.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Great job AJ! Education is fun when it is seeking after truth rather than being indoctrinated into the matrix. 🙂

  10. terry said

    Fantastic, keep up the great work.

  11. Jerry Harteis said

    Mammon and power are the ruling strongholds of the workplace. If you possess either of these, then you will be courted by those who serve the workplace in hopes of increasing market share. It is a competitive environment that often gives way to decisions and actions that are dictated by the financial bottom line. The Financial matrix. We have the solution and the way out. Thanks for your insights

  12. Lindy said

    Thank you Orrin for your continued commitment to lead the charge in real honest truthful education to help each of us learn to live “the life we’ve always wanted” in all aspects of our lives. The Financial Matrix being a priority whether people want to believe it or not…….the more information you provide the more chances more people will open their eyes, minds and hearts…..there is a better way…..to start – STOP following the masses and start cutting out personal debt. It is such an amazing feeling to know we are being handed exceptional proven information to help each and everyone of us separate from the masses and get out of debt. Thank you for all you and the other LIFE Coaches and wives do!!

  13. Jason C. said

    Orrin, I love your blog! You are so awesome at teaching with words that can easily be understood. I have been working in the financial industry since 1997 and thought I understood financial principles. In all my years in the industry I was never able to express these ideas in a manner that was easily understood. In fact my company, back then, had a “Debt Eliminator” program where we would get our clients out of debt in a much shorter amount of time through a forced discipline. Because we didn’t know how teach them how to do it themselves. Your use of stories and allegories makes it clear to any and all who will listen. Thank you for your servant leadership. You are a great teacher!

  14. Rick Tillmann said

    Hey Orrin, the most common response I have gotten from people who said “no” to LIFE has been something like this, “yeah that sounds good for someone like you, but you don’t understand how I’m choking on my ocean of debt. I don’t have time to even think about living a better life!” Now, with the focus being on the Financial Fitness Program and being able to just attack that objection head on has totally changed the game for us. People that said no to me six months ago are willing to take another look! It continues to blow me away how such a slight change in messaging can have such a profound, far reaching effect. Thanks for your unbelievable PDCA and ever expanding vision.

  15. Easton Kelsey said

    Sounds like a modern day Plato’s Republic! The Philosopher Kings (elites), the Warrior Class (Court Intellects/ Experts ) and Working Class (Indepted Producers).

    Bastiat’s law, explains this quite well also with “legalized plunder”.

    Love your insight Orrin, thank you for investing in yourself so faithfully and then sharing your dividends with all those with an ear to hear. Justice will be had and taking on the Micah Mandate is my calling as well as those who hear the call.

  16. Steve Leuquin said

    “The ruling class, however, confronts one serious and ongoing problem: how to persuade the productive majority, whose tribute or taxes it consumes, that its laws, regulations, and policies are beneficial; that is, that they coincide with “the public interest” or are designed to promote “the common good” or to optimize “social welfare.” Given its minority status, failure to solve this problem exposes the political class to serious consequences. ” – Imagine if we all woke up?!

    “It is their task to convince the public to actively submit to State rule because it is beneficial to do so, or at least to passively endure the State’s depredations because the alternative is anarchy and chaos.” – Otherwise known as entertaining people to death!

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