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The Greeks: Freedom and Force

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 1, 2016

This is Part 2. For Part 1, please click here.

Unfortunately, the Greek miracle does not have a happy ending, but it does have a huge lesson. For the same drive to compete that built Greek society also destroyed it when the positive life-lifting competition in arts, sciences, and sports, degenerated into negative death-delivering competition of military campaigns. Importantly, no one wins in war, certainly the losers don’t, but neither do the alleged winners. The defeated sacrifice many of their best leaders on the altar of a lost cause, not to mention the untold wealth, figuratively and literally, burnt to ashes, and finally the lost freedoms as the “winners” assume control over society. The winners, however, lose as we’ll because many of their best citizens were also sacrificed on the altar of war. Furthermore, they lost the hunger to produce wealth, for why build wealth when you can steal it, and the Five Laws of Decline secretes its poison into society. To add insult to injury, they also lose their liberties by denying others’ the right to enjoy theirs. Paradoxically, the winners must now set up a prisoner society where the defeated are closely viewed, supervised, and cajoled into obedience 24-7. The costs in time, money, and lifestyle lost by the oppressors outweighs the benefit of the oppression, but rare is the State who realizes this.

The Spartans and Helots

The Spartans and Helots

Indeed, Greek history is filled with many examples of this principle at work, where both the winners and losers pay greatly by going to war – the ultimate lose-lose vehicle. Perhaps the Peloponnesian war is the best example of lose-lose but there are many more. For instance, just a cursory look at the “victorious” Spartans in the Messenian War will reveal the Spartans lost as much as the defeated, for boys under 10 were forced to live in military barracks for the next twenty plus years, suffered under an oppressive form of socialism, and lived in a state of constant state of paranoia, fearing the Helots, who outnumbered the Spartans by as much as 20 to 1, would revolt. To deny freedom to others, in other words, one ends up destroying his own. Of course, if this was the fate of the winners, imagine how much worse the fate of the Messenian Helots. Unfortunately, no one seems to learn from history. This is why, although I support our national military, my dad was an elite Green Beret after all, its function should be defensive, protecting against foreign aggression, not offensive, expanding into foreign territories; otherwise, the same fate visited upon Sparta, Rome, and England, to name just a few, will knock on America’s door.

This leads to a strange twist in the battle between force and freedom. Whereas competition benefits in every life-lifting endeavor, it is a tragedy in death-delivering ones. When the the centralized State is eliminated, the void must be filled with mini-states to ensure order and not anarchy. If there is not a force strong enough to ensure the strong do not oppress the weak, rest assured they will. The mini-states maintain order while creating competition in the life-lifting activities, at the same time a limited central government ensures the mini-states do not compete in the death-delivering ones. The key to freedom is the limited central state is no longer is absolute within society; instead, it merely ensures the mini-states settle their disputes peacefully through adjudication and arbitration rather than through war.

The centralized body is now limited in its power, capable of enforcing judgments and protecting the mini-states political, economic, and religious freedoms without growing big enough to issue central commands in areas it does not belong. Limited funds are essential here, for anytime the State has access to unlimited funds, it quickly obtains unlimited power. Limited funds, in a word, for a limited State. Imagine the state of freedom if, in the USA, the centralized Federal government’s only funds came from a straight 10% import tax. This is plenty for the federal government to effectively arbitrate disputes amongst the fifty states and also defend our borders militarily – defense only. True, we would have to exit the over 140 nations where the USA presently has a military presence, but the improvement in society by the reduced money, time, and heartaches (lost loved ones from foreign wars) is worth the loss of empire. No longer would State bureaucrats have the power to send our children off to war to increase their need for power and glory.

Imagine the competition and cooperation that would result in the USA if the functions of government were moved from the monolithic Federal government to the local township/city levels. All the interactions between citizens and State could be achieved at the local level, ensuring a higher level of justice because those closest to the facts are the one’s addressing the issue. The locality would be responsible for the judicial and police  functions to ensure justice while each locality would compete to outdo its rivals in life-giving functions just as the Greeks did originally. If they serve the customers they will prosper, if they don’t they will not. Moreover, because the locality receives its income from a 5% property tax, it will seek to serve its community because as it serves them well, the community will grow, and thus the tax base grows. Naturally, the reverse is true also, for if they don’t serve, the community doesn’t grow, and the tax base decreases. Welcome to State competition to serve the customers, namely, its citizens! What a concept.

The state governments would adjudicate disputes between localities/cities and be funded by a 5% state sales tax. Again, every state would compete to increase business because it would benefit from increased tax revenues as economic activity increase within the state. Further, the state leaders would select the next president from amongst the governors of the state. No longer would the Presidency be the democratic charade parade where those with the most power and money get elected. Instead, the  governors of each state would select the governor with the best track record, his proven performance in balancing budgets and running a just government making the difference. The President would not be elected by the people at large, thus eliminating the media’s negative manipulation against anyone who threatens their power. Instead, governor peers, elected by the leaders of each locality, select the President, similar to how the founder originally intended the President to be elected. See Oliver DeMille and my New York Times bestseller LeaderShift for more details on these concepts.

Finally, as mentioned previously, the Federal government would survive on a 10% import tax and nothing else. Imagine, no more IRS needed! Of course, the ability to create money out of thin air (Federal Reserve) and the special deal fractional-reserve banking would be rescinded. The gold standard would be calibrated to the current money supply and only 100% reserve banking would be permitted by law from here forward. Think about it, the people would elect the local governments (those who know them the best) by returning to town hall meetings. The local leaders would elect the State leaders (governors) because they work with each other on a monthly basis to approve the state budgets. Cream rises to the top and the local leaders, from amongst their peers, will select the governor from among the most qualified. Finally, the state leaders will elect the federal President because they work with them monthly and approve the federal balanced budget. Yes, balanced budgets are a given or the irresponsible leader is immediately subject to recall and a new election. Mediocrity and poor leadership can no longer be tolerated by public servants, especially if they expect us to trust and follow them.

To restore freedom, we must end the control over money (no one should have centralized control over money creation), then follow it up by ending the monolithic control of the media (less than six corporations, all with interconnected boards, control what the people read and think), and only once these two are accomplished, will the controlled, centralized State be overturned and America launch a Freedom-shift. Numerous local governments are much more difficult to capture than on centralized government, especially when the centralist controllers already control the money and media.

Ok, my rant is done. Needless to say, what I propose is a huge dream and it’s going to take work, but only those who have a big dream can expect a big dream to come true. For the past twenty years, I have read extensively on leadership, liberty, and the State, and believe history supports my conclusions. The challenge, however, is the elites are not on the side of history, but rather on the side of force, and thus, centralization. In consequence, the Money Power rewards its media (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Universities, and Foundations) for rewriting history, a history that makes the State the hero of the story and freedom the anti-hero. Pedictably, the “educated” (propagandized) people demand the State hero fix the challenges facing society while the noose tightens around freedom’s neck. This is why the elites will tolerate any change so long as the money system (what I have termed the Financial Matrix) is not changed.

As I said at the beginning of Part 1, freedom and force are in a battle to the death, and, dismally, freedom is the one dying. Is there anyone left who will, like our forefathers and foremothers, pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to resuscitate freedom?


Orrin Woodward: LIFE Leadership Chairman of the Board

14 Responses to “The Greeks: Freedom and Force”

  1. I love it, Orrin! Again, I commend you on your eloquence and clarity! I do wish more Americans would agree that the current configuration of our “democracy” has a reduced voter turnout partially due to the fact of the overwhelming number of elections, thereby forcing a majority of voters looking for the quick-vote based on candidate party affiliation, and not qualifications. And the irony of one current argument against this republic method of governance being the institutionalization of an oligarchy!

  2. By the way, the Greek-war-effect is the main reason grounding my children does not happen in this household! I will not intentionally reduce the productive power of my family by purposely creating a “jailer”. Additionally, it is FIRED UP that utilizing and teaching leadership principles within my family has pretty much eliminated any infractions that would require punishment. Imagine the effect with 1 million leaders!!!

    • Shayna Sunderland said

      Hello Mr. Drew,
      While I agree with you that “grounding” is not the answer, I have to say, as the mother of 5, both grown, and “almost” grown children, creating consequences for poor choices is a necessity. I have learned the hard way that children will often take the “easy route”, rather than the “difficult” (most often best) path, (Which seems to be exactly what happens in the governing of our country). I have learned through lots of study, prayer, and experience that justice will be satisfied…that we have the gift of free will, but we do not have control over the consequences (good or bad) that follow. In regards to our kids, I feel it is the parents responsibility to “create” consequences so that, as adults, they already have a firm grasp of this concept and are better prepared to make choices with both integrity and character! Funny, we call the early leaders of our country our foreFATHERS! If our country was ruled with “good parenting” skills we might find that the entitled, selfish “brats” that abound in our country would change their tune! Lol.

      You have a beautiful family and I know you and your awesome wife are raising beautiful babies! Happy parenting! 😉

  3. Lynn Burns said

    The battle can be won – we can restore freedom – you have our pledge to do what is necessary to bring freedom back. We can and we must. Thank you Orrin for your leadership and dedication.

  4. Justin Saroyan said

    Orrin, Great article! When I first read these concepts in Leadershift I loved them as well. So how do we break the current political system at the local level so it can be rebuilt the right way?

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Justin, great question. I think it starts by one of the state’s demanding and Constitutional Convention, or one of the localities demanding a state convention. Once the ball gets rolling, it will pick up steam because nearly everyone is dissatisfied with the status quo. Government is no longer serving society but tyrannizing over it. 🙂 That’s the short answer, but I am working on exactly how this could come about. thanks, Orrin

      • Great concepts Orrin. I admire your leadership and am grateful for the character and study that you have dedicated to this cause. It is one that I fully believe in. There are some that oppose a Constitutional Convention on the basis that society is not moral enough that it will produce a good result. My response to this is that our society already has a bad result ignoring the current system. It can only get worse if those who have the character and knowledge are not part of such a convention, which is more likely to be the case if they oppose it.
        What role do you envision that compensated communities will play in bringing about either a Constitutional Convention, or State Convention?

  5. Elaine Mallios said

    Great insight! Thank you for the picture of how things should be – in decentralization, military consolidation, simplicity of taxes, balancing budgets. It is a huge dream and a really great one! Lead on!

  6. Lloyd weiler said

    Awesome read! Man I don’t know what to say but that I am blown away with the knowledge you have attained on this subject and your readyness to share it in an understandable way! Thanks you so much!

  7. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. I love your research. In your audio “money, media, military you covered most of this. I read up on Smedley Butler, credit river decision, and several other topics you shared. Your research and homework is phenomenal. Glad to be in the group of people who are interested in more information and education. We will shift this current as we free more people and allow them to become engaged in the future of our country. Great job.

  8. Gyorgy Veszpremi said

    WOW! Great post Orrin. Thank you.

  9. Danny Kellenberger said

    Thank you for having the courage to dream! Your article reminds me that those who make money by the current rules won’t let change happen. And, as I heard Chris Brady say, “free enterprise hasn’t been found wanting, were wanting to find it tried.” Love the concept!
    Carpe Diem

  10. Renee Oettinger said

    Thanks for the “rant” as we need knowledgeable people sharing truth to empower us to share these truths with others- leading them to posts like this, to help others break free of the financial matrix

  11. Michael Van Osch said

    Great article(s) Orrin – a real facts to start opening the eyes of people and helping us realize that ‘we will all be called to lead’ and now we must be ready.
    Carpe Diem

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