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The Green Box Revolution

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 7, 2017

Have you heard about the Green Box Revolution? If you haven’t, you will because it’s transforming the finances of so many of your friends and family. The Green Box contains the plan to play Financial Defense and Offense to escape the Financial Matrix. In my completely revised version of The Financial Matrix book, I describe the four responses each family makes to finances, termed the Financial Matrix Quadrants. In short, it boils down to the household’s response to playing Financial Defense and Offense and the consequences of those decisions. To change one’s financial results, in other words, a person must change his financial responses on Defense, Offense, or more likely, both.

In less than two years, the Green Box Revolution has eliminated over $10 million in debt and flowed that previously lost income back into the household.  That’s a ton of debt wiped out in a short time, merely by applying the principles captured in the Green Box. Now the reader understands why we have termed it a revolution.  The old saying, “if you want some things to change, you are going to have to change some things,” has never been truer than today. Finances don’t just change, a person’s financial habits change and this changes everything. Thankfully, the Green Box Revolution comes with a community of like-minded people, who also want to change financially. This creates a positive environment for people to dare to do something different and the encouragement to continue, even if at first, it’s not comfortable.

Financial Fitness Pack

Regrettably, this message infuriates the financial elites, for they do not want anything to change financially because they benefit from the status quo. Indeed, the Financial Matrix is designed for elite profits through leveraging the financial illiteracy of the masses. The elites gain wealth, power, and control while the masses lose wealth, liberty, and peace of mind. The real question is why do the masses allow this egregious situation to continue, some even fighting for their own enslavement, instead of simply demanding financial justice? As absurd as this sounds, the elites have made the masses complicit in their own slavery, selling them pots of porridge (trinkets on credit) for their birthright to liberty. Whereas many have no idea the system is rigged against them and need to read The Financial Matrix (or other books on the Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) system) to comprehend the fraudulent nature of the money system, the worst part is many others know it is wrong, and yet, strangely, still solicit the Financial system’s services.

While this seems insane, it is, nonetheless, the truth. (Caution: a truth bomb is coming, and since only the truth will set the captives free, please brace yourself) How does a person fight against a fraudulent financial injustice when he has borrowed money from it?  This is hardly less hypocritical than demanding an end to prostitution while still seeking its services?  If the financial system is fraudulent, after all, then why should we borrow from it at all? The goal should be to end our association with this financial entity as quickly as possible. Needless to say, this is why we launched the Green Box Revolution, a revolution that allows people to make moral stands without being complicity in the immoral behavior, a behavior that enslaves themselves and others.

If someone hasn’t shared with you the plan to financial freedom through the Green Box Revolution, then feel free to reach out and I will ensure you are in the know. The only thing you have to lose is your debt and the invisible chains that come with it.



Orrin Woodward

20 Responses to “The Green Box Revolution”

  1. Jeremy Pethke said

    This Green Box Revolution messaging is truly becoming a viral sensation! I love sharing this message, what it has done for us (so far), where are going, and helping others do the same! Thank you Orrin for sharing truth in a dark world.
    God bless
    Jeremy Pethke

  2. Gyorgy Veszpremi said

    Great post Orrin. Thank you for sharing the vision.

  3. Viva la revolución!

  4. Dave chatmon said

    Love it Orrin.

    The more we share the green box the more people have hope back in their life and for the first time a duplicatable system to dig their way out of the bondage

    Thank you for setting us free


  5. Michael G Forrest said

    Great post, Orrin.
    We need to get the word out more!

  6. CJ Calvert said

    Fantastic post Orrin, thanks for sharing

  7. Christine Fleury said

    A friend who recently read “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” told me how amazed she was that in her heart she already knew much of it, yet how easily society has hijacked her thinking and caused her to act in ways contrary to what she truly believes. (And she doesn’t even watch TV either!) That’s exactly how I feel with the Green Box. Somewhere inside, we already know not to spend more than we make, to save for a rainy day, that “borrower is slave to the lender”… yet we all are constantly compelled to do the very things we KNOW we shouldn’t, just because EVERYONE else around us IS. The power of the Green Box isn’t that it’s “rocket science” or “secret information”… it’s that it gives us the THINKING and MOTIVATION to stay true to how many of us know deep down inside we were meant to live.

  8. Steve Duba said

    Thanks Orrin. Keep pulling the rope bud. IN IT TO WIN IT. Those that stay will be CHAMPIONS. Great job. 19+ million people in Florida and because the data is the data we can free about 15 million. FIRED – UP….:)

  9. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    Thank you Orrin!! Short and straight to the point!

  10. Andrew LaFleur said

    Let’s get fired up about the revolt against the Financial Matrix! Let’s free everyone from debt-slavery and change the world!

  11. Orrin thank you for caring for our society the way you and Laurie do. Our challenge is getting the word out and ensuring people see the light. One person at a time until we reach a million! Absolutely!

  12. Luis Quintero said

    Thank you Orrin for all that great eye opening information. We are so fired up to share this we all people, because it has help us re-direct our lifes in finances in all aspects. We got more saved up and money has not become and issued do to all the debt that we been paying and finding money here and there. And the opportunity to play offence is amazing.

  13. Jonathan gauthier said

    Thanks you orrin for sharing this fantastic.
    On the road for creat a couple of debt free in quebec fired upp

  14. Elaine Mallios said

    Bombs away! Ouch! Thankfully we have a way out. Everyone needs the Green Box.

  15. Robby Palmer said


  16. Richard Kinsley said

    Thank you Orrin,
    Love it!

  17. BP said

    Orrin n Laurie,
    Thank you for being a shining lite!!
    Matt 5:15

  18. Matthew Constantino said

    I need to know more please. How do I get this?

  19. Ricky Lawe said

    Thank you Orrin.

    How I can get a Green box?

  20. Robert A.Keratt said

    Very interested in your revolution

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