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Green Box to Financial Literacy

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 11, 2017

People around the world wake up everyday with a goal to make money, money designed to help them stay ahead of advancing bills, inflation, and taxes. Few, however, have a plan to escape the Financial Rut and live their dreams debt free. Instead, most merely work to live and count the hours until the weekend to enjoy a few days of freedom until the grind returns. Why is this so? Why, in short, do so few people live their dreams without enslaving themselves within the Financial Matrix debt system? Lacking knowledge of how to escape the Financial Matrix, most people simply surrender to the financial circumstances that overwhelm them. Sure, some seek to save and others to invest, but few seem to do enough to break out of the Financial Rut, because they lack of Financial Literacy. Fortunately, the Green Box Financial Fitness Program, can change this. On one hand, it’s very difficult to save one’s way to wealth in the Tightwad quadrant, but on the other hand, it’s practically impossible to make enough in the Status quadrant to be secure. Indeed, it’s not until a person understands Financial Literacy, marrying making money (Offense), saving money (Defense) and how the Financial Matrix entraps people (Playing Field), will he truly enjoy Financial Freedom.

Financially successful people must synchronize Building (Offense) and Budgeting (Defense) to achieve Financial Freedom just like healthy people synchronize breathing in and out.  One without the other is results in catastrophe. Perhaps nothing confirms this truth as clearly as the 2009 Sports Illustrated article, which stated that 78% of NFL players were either bankrupt or under significant financial stress after only two years of retirement. Wait a minute. How can people who make millions wind up busted just a few short years later? To be sure, this sounds shocking at first, but with some reflection, it really isn’t that surprising. After all, these young men were trained in football, not Financial Literacy. Many go from penniless to the penthouse practically overnight, spending (and borrowing) money faster than it comes in. Sure, while they have the big contracts, they can afford to live in the Status quadrant, servicing their growing debt, but when the retire, many face an insurmountable financial dilemma, namely, how to support their lavish lifestyles without the big contracts. 78% of former NFL players, evidently, fail the test and are forced to sell or surrender assets they never truly owned.

Needless to say, these circumstances affect more than just NFL players, since anyone who achieves financial success is at risk without Financial Literacy. Which leads me to the real question that should be asked – why isn’t Financial Literacy sought out by all who aspire to achieve financial success? Naturally, I’m not surprised by the innumerable stories of Lottery winners falling back into bankruptcy, because they received no training on either Offense or Defense, but I am shocked by the amount of entrepreneurs who do not invest the time to learn the Defensive and Offensive principles necessary for Financial Literacy. Think about it. If one is going to promote the importance of building businesses and making ongoing incomes (which is all fantastic, by the way), why not also teach Financial Literacy to ensure the success is enduring rather than fleeting? What’s the point, in other words, of grinding day and night, merely to build castles in the sand and watch them wash away during the financial storms? To me, this is the height of folly and poor leadership.

Financial Fitness Pack

In consequence, the purpose of the Green Box Financial Fitness Program is to simplify the principles of financial success, teaching people how to stop spending when they should be saving (Defense) and stop saving when they should be investing (Offense). The dismal statistics, 99% fail at one or both of these principles, is mind blowing! Thankfully, the Green Box can change this and set people FREE. If the reader is tired of living in one of the sub-optimized Financial Matrix Quadrants, whether the Broke, Tightwad, or Status one, the Financial Fitness Program has the information and the Green Box community has the inspiration to help a person escape from the Financial Matrix!  Isn’t it time to change your family’s financial legacy, setting yourself free by helping others get financially free? The answer for me and my family is a resounding yes!

Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

15 Responses to “Green Box to Financial Literacy”

  1. Raymond Abernathy said


    A great article on Financial Literacy, and I appreciate the startling facts in regards to NFL players and lottery winners. I find it just as scary when most people that I talk with make the same mistakes with way less money! The Matrix is so real that it will devour billionaires, millionaires, rich, middle class and poor people alike. It is the greatest financial con ever perpetrated on mankind. We are doing a great work to help educate ourselves and others on how to escape this financial death trap!

    Let’s start with 1 million “Green Box” liberated freedom fighters!

  2. Jeff Darling said

    Great article Orrin! To go along with the NFL stat, a friend of mine who is the President of NFL Alumni Association in Houston said to me that the difference in Athletic ability of the top players to average players is only 3-4% difference. The main factor in their success was their mindset, how they think about things and the attitude that goes with it. That’s the power of our “GREEN BOX” Program and the COMMUNITY we all have access to!!
    On to a million!

  3. Leslie Gebhart said

    Amazing this week how my church, bible study, and your blogs have been so aligned! Sunday actually had “proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free” (Luke 4:18) in the sermon notes, making it the THIRD time that scripture came at me in less than 2 weeks! Here’s the kicker: “Big battles are won by Teams”, “Some of us remain in bondage because we’re keeping our secret to ourselves”. Beth Moore.
    This is a secret we need to share, people need this information sooner rather than later, like Raymond said, rich, middle class and poor all need the Green Box! Time to reach millions!

  4. George said

    Hey Orrin, This is AMAZING!!! I see a niche market that no other organization has filled but yet everyone from an 11 year old to an NFL player needs. Stink’n Fired Up! Thanks, George

  5. Elaine Mallios said

    Great stats and so true. So glad to have learned true financial education. I talk about it all the time – to everyone I meet!

  6. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, another great article. I hadn’t heard those NFL statistics – I will definitely be using that in my plans. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Brandon J Perry said

    Great article Orrin. I really like the part about entrepreneurs understanding this information. I recently gave the greenbox to a good friend of mine who owns a successful business-he’s now digging in and working his way towards being debt free.

  8. Nathan Taylor said

    Wow that shows no matter how much offense you have it’s just a bigger way to fail.

  9. Orrin,
    Moving the greenbox to Financial Literacy: here is a great making a difference for a large spectrum in the global population. Every body needs the greenbox. The less fortunate,the average middle class professional, as well as the rich talented person. The more you have at the moment, the more you are at risk with the matrix, and the more you need protection. Thank you to lead us to another niche for the greenbox revolution and its financial literacy content.
    Fired up!

  10. 78% of NFL players were either bankrupt or under significant financial stress after only two years of retirement –> Staggering! If 78% of those who potentially make millions over a few years feel significant financial stress, how much greater are the numbers for those who live paycheck-to-paycheck working their “9-5” J.O.B.?

  11. Ryan Fronick said

    Awesome perspective Orrin! The Financial Fitness Program is the game changer!!!

  12. Chris Miller said

    Thanks Orrin for yet another great post. The NFL stats are Astonishing to me however they do prove one big point. And that is that everyone believes if they made more money their financial troubles would go away. That is obviously not the case. And I can tell from personal experience that you can’t win the game by just playing offense. Thank God for the green box!

  13. Neil Jenks said

    Once again a fantastic article. There is so much truth in those paragraphs. The educational system in the world is doing our young people (some of which end up pro athletes) such a disservice & shamefully not teaching financial literacy. LiFe is changing the future of financial literacy!
    Let’s start with 1 million green boxes to change this world!

    Thank you!

  14. Steve Duba said

    Thanks O. The story is the same everywhere. We personally ping-ponged back and forth through the BROKE,STATUS,and TIGHTWAD quadrants for years. thank goodness we were introduced to the GREEN-BOX in 2011. After 30 plus years of poor financial decisions we are now on the path to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Today we are 100% debt free and on our way to financial freedom. Now the mission becomes how we pay it forward. God Bless.

  15. Charles Clermont said


    Thanks for another great article. I am dumbfounded by the stats in regards to NFL players. Around me in Haiti, lots of people continue to think that their financial success depends primarily on good or very good income. I plan to share this information with many of my friends with status. Up with the Green Box Revolution!!
    Fired up!

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