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    Former Guinness World Record Holder for largest book signing ever, Orrin Woodward is a NY Times bestselling author of And Justice For All along with RESOLVED & coauthor of LeaderShift and Launching a Leadership Revolution. His books have sold over one million copies in the financial, leadership and liberty fields. RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE made the Top 100 All-Time Best Leadership Books and the 13 Resolutions are the framework for the top selling Mental Fitness Challenge personal development program.

    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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Financial bondage is a form of slavery.

The Entrepreneurial Leap

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 27, 2017

Entrepreneurs, those feisty rascals who refuse to settle in life, are an endangered species today. For one thing, increasing regulations and associated costs make traditional business paths (doctors, lawyers, and accounts, to name just a few) high risks without as many rewards as in the past. For another, our educational system frowns upon free enterprise, evidently preferring social equality over social opportunity. Nonetheless, the realization that nothing will change until they do, causes people to make the entrepreneurial leap, a leap they hope will lead to their dreams.

This may sound risky, and achieving anything takes time and effort, but I genuinely believe the real risk is in not pursuing one’s dream because one dies that very moment even though not being buried until years later.  🙂 I reached a point where I was ready to do anything – legally, morally, and ethically – to achieve my dreams. Indeed, I remember attending a large seminar where the speaker proclaimed, “Leap and the net will appear!” Naturally, I was pretty excited when I originally heard this because I yearned to be an entrepreneur, but after a little reflection, I considered it foolhardy to jump without ensuring a net was in place, or even worse, teaching others to do so. 

Thankfully, however, there is a path that provides a Financial Security net while teaching people how to make the Entrepreneurial Leap. LIFE encapsulates both aspects of this plan – the product is the Financial Net and our business is the Entrepreneurial Leap. This is why my good friend Cody Hofhine, a 34 year old serial entrepreneur, and I recorded a webinar, a webinar designed to teach entrepreneurs how to build Financial Nets to ensure long-term results. Cody has utilized the principles taught in our Financial Fitness Program (FFP) to wipe out all of his family’s personal debts, owning his house free and clear, and now is teaching others the Financial Fitness Program principles within his entrepreneurial community. The video below is the FREE webinar.

Buy the Financial Fitness Program Here

I share the webinar free of charge to educate entrepreneurs on how to live Financially Free, namely, marrying the Financial Literacy net to their Entrepreneurial endeavors. I know. I know. There are many self-proclaimed Achievement gurus, who evidently believe debt is not an issue so long as you can make copious amounts of money. Nonetheless, I believe they are simply misled, for as I state in the video – one can have a masters degree in making money, but if you have a PhD in spending it, you will still wind up broke. 🙂

In other words, anyone with enough common sense to come out of the rain comprehends to fill a bucket with water and ensure it stays full, one needs to do two things: 1) Flow water into bucket and 2) Verify bucket has no leaks. Financial Literacy demands a similar mindset, a mindset focused on good offense (to make money) and good defense (to keep some for rainy days that predictably appear).

Permit me to share a much shorter video where I interview my good friend Jody Rathburn, an independent contractor window installer. Jody and his lovely bride Elena, make a healthy combined income; however, because they spent everything they made, they never seemed to make financial progress. Thankfully, just over six months ago, Jody read the Financial Matrix and shortly afterward became a customer of the Financial Fitness Program (FFP). By applying the 47 principles, he wiped out over $25k of personal debt and increased his savings from little to over $10k, moving from paycheck to paycheck to the Financial secure quadrant! Now, he is ready to make his Entrepreneurial Leap because he realizes the Financial Net protects him as he makes the leap.

Buy the Financial Fitness Program Here

These stories, and thousands more, are from REAL people achieving REAL financial results. If the reader desires to live Financially Free, and is willing to dream and do, then he/she must also master Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. Well, what are you waiting for? If you are ready to make your Entrepreneurial Leap, then start today by getting your Financial Net (the FFP) and start leaping until victory is achieved.


Orrin Woodward

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The Financial Fitness Program: Dreams and Debt

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 3, 2017

The Financial Matrix, a system of control through debt and dreams to enslave people, is growing larger every day. In fact, the Washington Post recently reported on a study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that revealed the debts of governments, households and non-financial businesses had reached a record $152 trillion in 2015, an amount much higher than before the 2008-2009 financial crisis. What is going on?

Perhaps a comparison to nature illustrates the principles at work, for parasites never stop consuming the host, even if by killing the host they kill themselves. The Financial Matrix, similarly, is a parasite attached to the world’s monetary system, siphoning off massive profits through massive power, which results in hundreds of millions of fully capable people unable to support themselves. How is this possible in the wealthiest societies in recorded history? I won’t elaborate too much on why politicians avoid the root cause of our woes, but the old aphorism, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” sums it up nicely. The Financial Matrix is the predictable Biblical outcome when control is taken away from the free market and placed into fallen human beings direction.  Naturally, the money controllers, with access to practically unlimited funds, purchased the Mass Media, and these two combined to purchase politicians obedient to their whims to run the Military State. This is the  Money, Media, and Military  structure of the Financial Matrix that I have discussed previously. 

Few politicians seem to speak out upon this injustice. This isn’t too surprising when one considers that politicians who speak too harshly about the Financial Matrix system are swept under the rug.  Through a process of eliminating funding (politicians win or lose on marketing), launching negative media campaigns (politicians are ineffective without popular support), and grooming potential competitors (those who puppet the company line), the Financial Matrix ensures obedience to its plan. Most politicians, because they seek public approval, have concluded that knowing too much about the Financial Matrix can be hazardous to their careers, confirming Upton Sinclair’s insight, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” 🙂 Needless to say, the main reason the Financial Matrix is not mainstream news is because mainstream news is owned by the Financial Matrix.

I said all of this to drive a vital point home – each person must develop a plan to defend himself against the Financial Matrix forces and not rely on the compromised State, Media, and Educational systems. Indeed, each family is on their own until they  hear about the Green Box Revolution, a community of other like-minded people who are tired of surrendering to the Financial Matrix. In reality, there are only four distinct choices a person can make when confronted with the Financial Matrix. Unfortunately, most people, however, are not making the right choices. For instance, in the developed world, the wealthiest nations in recorded history, just above 50% of the people, when their expenses are deducted from their assets, have no net worth, not even a penny’s worth!  I cannot emphasize this point enough, for half of the people in the developed world, a world that created ten times the wealth of any other civilization, still has half of its people with ZERO net wealth – dead broke. How did they get here? The fault, as Shakespeare so aptly stated, “is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

To be sure, people did not plan to drown in debt, but in an effort to live their dreams, most have become expendable pawns on the Financial Matrix chess board. They simply followed the messaging learned in advertisements, schools, and financial institutions, surrendering freedom for life within the Financial Matrix, a matrix set up to fool people into believing they must choose between dreams and debt. The Tightwad Quadrant, for example, surrenders his dreams to live in debt freedom. Is it any wonder so many people are trapped in the Financial Matrix when nearly every financial pundit teaches financial budgeting, which is simply surrendering dreams to hopefully live debt free someday. How absurd, especially when one considers it will take decades for most people to achieve this, if they can stay disciplined for the entire duration, before they will live in debt freedom. 

The Status Quadrant, in contrast, chooses dream freedom by surrendering to debt. They believe they seek to live their dreams by living in debt, hoping that with time, they can pay off their debts and still have their dreams. However, adding debt for dreams is like playing Russian Roulette financially, for every time the debt trigger is pulled, one risk losing everything. The bankruptcy statistics are alarming, to put it mildly, and with the bankruptcy, the once successful person slides into the Broke Quadrant. Both quadrants, in a sense, are half-right, knowing they must work and plan to achieve results, but anything that involves surrender is not part of freedom. In other words, asking a person to either surrender to debt or surrender their dreams is a bogus question, the false dichotomy between the two setting a person up for financial failure. 

If a person is going to work and plan anyway, why not work and plan for Financial Freedom, enjoying both dream and debt freedom. “No surrender” is the mantra for the Financially Free Quadrant. Whereas the 50% in the Broke Quadrant get the worst deal (surrendered to debt and surrendered their dreams), the Tightwad and Status Quadrants are both sub-optimized as well since they do not enjoy Dream and Debt Freedom. Thankfully, half of solving any challenge is accurately defining it and the Financial Matrix wins so much because few properly define the challenge, the challenge of living dream while remaining debt free.  This is why sharing the Financial Matrix Quadrants is so important, for it give a person an opportunity to identify the problem (trapped in the Financial Matrix) and a choice on how he want to respond to it.  

This is where the Financially Free Quadrant comes in, the only quadrant that asks and answers a better question – how do I live my dreams without debt? Unbelievably, while 50% of the people live in the Broke Quadrant and 99% live in one of the sub-optimized ones, only 1% live in the Financially Free Quadrant. If this doesn’t wake a person up from the debt-induced dream state, I don’t know what will. We live in a capitalist world, where money is the medium for nearly all transactions, and the lack of Financial Literacy robs people of FREEDOM. I may not have the time, money, or resources to become a political leader and take on the Financial Matrix directly, but I can help individuals, who are willing to learn Financial Literacy using the Financial Fitness Program, escape the Financial Matrix.

Like the young boy, mocked by the old man for throwing starfish dying on the beach back into the ocean, who when told he couldn’t possibly save them all, merely threw another one it into the ocean and said, “I saved that one.” Likewise, with billions of people enslaved in debt, I may not be able to save them all, but I can save the next one. Furthermore, by creating a company that message Green Box financial truths, the reader, too, can save the next one.  Who knows how far God can take this message of hope to help people live in Dream and Debt Freedom?

Stirling Castle – Scotland

On a personal note, Laurie and I recently returned from our yearly European vacation, a vacation we once only dreamed about when trapped in the Financial Matrix. We toured Edinburgh and other places in Scotland while celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Interestingly, one of the places we visited was Stirling Castle, where William Wallace fought for Scottish liberty against English oppression. Hearing the tour guide describe the battle scene was inspirational, for the Scottish were outnumbered 3 to 1, but had a reason to fight despite the odds against them.  In the movie, Braveheart, William Wallace said a line people should ponder, “Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live — at least a while. And, dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!?!” 

I watched this movie shortly after I launched my journey to personal journey to freedom and it affected me greatly. Maybe this July 4th, others will learn the meaning of freedom and learn they do not have to live with the lies and false promises in the Financial Matrix. FREE people can still can live their dreams and do so debt free. Perhaps the reader, while celebrating July 4th Independence Day, will reflect upon what life would be like with real independence without dream or debt bondage. If Laurie and I, along with thousands of others, have changed our financial destinies, so can you. Like William Wallace, I don’t promise easy, but I do promise worth it. Dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade a few years, years that go by so quickly anyway, for that one chance, that one chance to be part of something special, to escape the Financial Matrix and lead the Green Box Revolution!?!


Orrin Woodward

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What Does Claude Hamilton Know About the Financial Matrix Scam?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 25, 2017

Claude Hamilton has built leadership teams for the last 20 years; however, his recent revelations on the extent of the Financial Matrix scam have many people asking questions. For one thing, why are so many people getting trapped in the Financial Matrix? For another, how does one escape once in debt matris and 1/3 of a person’s income goes to taxes and another 1/3 to service debt, leaving only 1/3 of one’s gross income to live on?

Claude and Lana Hamilton

These are the questions and Claude Hamilton answers with a two-pronged approach for financial freedom as explained in the Green Box Financial Fitness Program: 1) Play Defense to spend less than one makes and 2) Play Offense to make more money by improving one’s skills – to break the bonds of the Financial Matrix and live free.  The Financial Fitness Info page has hundreds of testimonies of REAL people accomplishing REAL financial results by following Claude’s advice.

To be sure, Claude Hamilton didn’t start out with the right financial principles. Indeed, he learned about debt and stress early as he struggled to service his debts even though serving in the elite ranks in the Canadian Armed Forces. His professionalism and natural leadership abilities helped him through the ranks, becoming a member of an elite dive unit which served in many different capacities. While he enjoyed the camaraderie of working with the tight-knit unit, Claude soon realized his position could not support the dreams he refused to surrender.

Nevertheless, he continued to serve faithfully, even as the debts continued to accumulate, still looking for an opportunity to expand his income earning potential. This dream was magnified once he met his dream girl, Lana, who also served in the Canadian Navy. Together, they began planning their future, but even after combining their incomes, they struggled to support themselves, let alone grow a family and live their dreams.

It’s been said the best time to plant a new tree is twenty years ago and the next best time is today. Fortunately, for Claude and Lana Hamilton, they did start planting the seeds of their   financial leadership company twenty years ago and are enjoying an impressive harvest today. They are in-demand speakers who travel the globe to share financial and leadership truths. Needless to say, Claude Hamilton is tough, mentally and physically, known for his hard-hitting speaking style that challenges men and women to quit wimping out on their dreams.

Claude Donation Literacy Nova Scotia

What’s lesser known, however, is Claude’s heart for people, a heart that supports and leads many local charities around him. I have known Claude for over a decade and he rarely talks about the incalculable number of hours he invests serving others inside and outside of his business community.  He simply does what needs to be done, just like his book Toughen Up said winners should do. I believe the reason Claude serves so tirelessly is he practically grew up in the military, starting out as a Sea Cadet at 12 years of age, absorbing the spirit of duty and honor in everything he does.

Among others, here is a short list of the charities Claude and Lana support without fanfare:  NS Literacy, Soul’s Harbour, Hope Cottage, Catholic Christian Outreach, Nova Scotia Early Childhood Intervention Clinic, Salvation Army Angel Tree, The Club Inclusion, and the Pregnancy Care Center. Many of these charities receive more than just funds, however, as Claude organizes a fund raising dinner for Hope Cottage every year, where he opens up his home and invites prominent local business owners and sports celebrities to join him at his spacious mansion. The money raised from the tickets to the exclusive event is used to feed the homeless in Halifax.

In other words, this tough military man and his lovely bride live the principle – if you have been blessed then it’s important to be a blessing. Indeed, Laurie and I have been blessed by their friendship and have enjoyed being their mentors for the last decade on the mission to help people escape the Financial Matrix.

If Claude and Lana have made a difference in your life, please share below.


Orrin Woodward

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George Guzzardo & Financial Matrix Scam

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 23, 2017

George Guzzardo, and his wife Jill, have exposed the Financial Matrix Scam, understanding the issues at a deeper level than most people. For back in 2007, they purchased a property worth, at the time, nearly $1.5 million dollars, but by mid-2008, in a display of moral courage, the same property was sold for under $450,000! In other words, George and Jill Guzzardo surrendered over a million dollars, not because of any egregious actions on their part, but rather because the Financial Matrix’s boom/bust cycle, manufactured through the fraudulent Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) and Central Banking Fiat money system was at work.

Fortunately, the Guzzardos had plugged into the Green Box Program financial principles for years and despite losing one million dollars to the Financial Matrix, they did not have to declare bankruptcy. The financial offense produced overcame the defensive loss and they are still thriving financially, living in a beautiful and spacious (9,000+ square foot) villa in Tucson, Arizona. Furthermore, now when speaking on stages across the world, their passion to help people escape the Financial Matrix is palpable, knowing first-hand the inner working of the Financial Matrix and how it siphons off hard earned wealth.

Be that as it may, George and Jill Guzzardo are a stitch on stage together, perhaps even a brand unto themselves with their one-of-a-kind bantering back and forth on stage together. To say nothing of the wisdom that pours out of them, which has made these two some of the most popular speakers on Life stages. Laurie and I have personally known the Guzzardos for nearly 25 years and grow closer to them every year that passes. It is difficult to find people more principle-centered, who shine the Light of Christ everywhere they go, than George and Jill Guzzardo. When they started community building, they were in the medical fields (he a Physical Therapist and she a Registered Nurse), but now they are job optional, sharing the message of financial hope through the Financial Fitness Green Box Program.

How did this couple achieve financial results so extraordinary that they could endure a million dollar loss and hardly skip a beat? For one thing, they avoided the two main financial failure-modes – 1) Spend when a person should be saving and 2) Save when a person should be investing. These two principles were applied from day one and the Guzzardos paid off the mortgage on their riverfront property (in Ironwood, Michigan) decades early. For another, they invested in themselves, feeding their minds a steady diet of reading, listening, associating, and acting upon the information to improve skills. Is it any wonder the Guzzardos are filled with wisdom, humor, and joy when one considers they have invested in themselves for nearly 25 years?

I recall meeting George for the first time and him explaining how and why he didn’t read. He said he had done enough of that in college and didn’t enjoy it. This is humorous today since George is now one of the most consistent readers in all of Life, even authoring a top selling book The Torch of Freedom. His library overflows his office and I believe it is one of the keys to who he is (a strong connector with relatable personality) and what he does (shares wisdom to help people escape the Financial Matrix. Indeed, one of the things I respect so much about this couple is no matter what is happening, good or bad, the Guzzardos always have a great attitude. After all, it would have been easy for the Guzzardos to get bitter when years of hard work was siphoned away by the Financial Matrix; instead, however, the Guzzardos used it to motivate them to serve bigger. This is what makes them so special, namely, the ability to use personal pain to help other’s gain, a true model of servant leadership.

In closing, Laurie and I want to personally thank the Guzzardos for their leadership example and publicly honor their commitment to truth and Light in an age of deceit and darkness. If George and Jill have helped the reader on his journey out of the Financial Matrix Scam, please share below.


Orrin Woodward

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Shocking Secrets of Rob and Kenyon Robson

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 4, 2017

Rob and Kenyon Robson speak on stages throughout the world revealing truths on the Financial Matrix Scam. Sure they are knowledgeable, dynamic, and personable speakers, but what the rest of the story on this couple?  That’s the purpose of this article because it reveals the inside story on Rob and Kenyon Robson, a couple who have exploded onto the leadership scene in the last few years.

The first big secret about the Robson’s is the amount of time and effort it took to get on the same page.  Despite a deep and abiding love for one another, the newlyweds struggled to communicate properly. This led to numerous high-volume discussions with little positive progress for several years. Thankfully, however, Rob and Kenyon Robson are not quitters, and they stayed committed to the relationship while reading, listening, and associating with those who had fruit in the marriage area to help them. One of the biggest blessing couples experience within a community is working models of marriages, which not only survive, but thrive.

The second big secret about the Robson’s is their giving hearts. I personally learned how the Robson’s, after noticing the many unpaid lunch bill balances, asked to pay in full the late bills for every student that was financially struggling at their children’s school. This example one of many examples I could cite as these two are constantly looking for ways to bless others with the financial blessings they have received. Perhaps because Rob and Kenyon struggled financially themselves, knowing the stress and pain associated with missing bills, they have developed a level of empathy extremely in this self-centered age. How can we help seems to be one of the first questions this couple asks in every situation. Furthermore, Kenyon has volunteered endless hours to serve orphaned children without shining light upon her actions and deeds. Simply stated, these two are some of the biggest givers I know.

Above all, however, I would say the biggest secret to the Robson’s success is they treated their business like a multi-million dollar business before it was even a thousand dollar one. The old saying, “treat a person as he is and he will remain so, but treat a person as he can be, and he will grow into it,” has an equivalent saying in business, namely, “treat a business as it is and it will remain so, but treat a business as it can be and it will grow into it.” Rob and Kenyon dreamed big, acted big, and now have produced big time results. Through the Green Box Financial Fitness Program, the Robson’s have helped thousands move toward Financial Literacy and Financial Freedom. Naturally, the best is still to come as this couple is still reading, listening, associating, and applying the principles to serve even more people.

Today, the Robson’s live in a stunning 8,000 plus square-foot mansion in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, with resort-like amenities. Yes, they are living their dreams, but its important to remember that they have done so by helping others escape the Financial Matrix. This is the essence of win-win business. Rob and Kenyon have proven the radical transformation that is possible when a couple acts upon their dreams. If the reader has not heard this couple speak, he is missing something amazing, for the Robson’s are some of the real speakers one will ever hear and they reach people like few speakers can.

Please share how Rob and Kenyon have impacted your life below.


Orrin Woodward

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Shocking Revelations about Dan and Lisa Hawkins Life

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 29, 2017

Anyone looking for the rest of the story on Dan and Lisa Hawkins need look no further. This article exposes the facts from the fiction about Dan and Lisa Hawkins? How did a former auto mechanic (Dan) become a bestselling author of Swing and become job optional? Moreover, how did a former daycare provider become a stay-at-home mom to five beautiful daughters in a 8500 square foot mansion on twenty-plus acres? How did they do it and is it legitimate? This is the question that must be asked and answered. Since I have had a front row seat in their progression from blue-collar workers to business owner leaders, I am qualified to share the inside story.

One of the first things to realize about Dan and Lisa is that they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Indeed, they struggled to even pay their bills despite both of them working upwards of 50 hour per week. The first revelation I can share about this couple is that hard work alone did not ensure financial success. Dan and Lisa began their business by selling their fancy sports car and using the saved money to begin investing in business. Like most people, the Hawkins family failed financially by spending when they should have been saving and saving when they should have been investing. Fortunately, the principles taught in the Green Box Financial Fitness Program, a program that teaches the Defense, Offense, and the Playing Field (The Financial Matrix) of finances, helped Dan and Lisa develop Financial Literacy. This launched a financial revolution in their household that is still ongoing today.

Second, Dan and Lisa’s humility led them to recognize that they didn’t know what they didn’t know. Hence, they committed to a reading, listening, and association program to create habits like those who produced Financially Free results. This program produces results, for Dan went from a person with little to say to a bestselling author who has sold thousands of copies of Swing, his book, literally selling out at his first book signing, spending hours signing everyone’s copy of Swing. Shy and introverted when he started his business, Dan has blossomed into one of the best teachers and leaders in the entire LIFE community. Whereas many communities have 10% making all the money and the rest trying real hard, the Green Box community is different. After all, anyone who merely applies the Defensive principles, even if he never shares the Green Box with anyone else, will, at a minimum, become debt free. This is what makes Dan and Lisa part of something so special, for the worst thing that happens to a person who applies the Green Box is they get debt-free by reading, listening, and associating within the community. People, in other words, can change when they change their environment because people become what they associate with. Consequently, if you want to be financially free, then you must associate with people who live financially free.

Third, Dan and Lisa are some of the most kind, giving, and encouraging people you will ever meet. They speak around the world in front of thousands of people, and yet they always have time to listen to the people seeking to make changes. Perhaps this is so because Dan and Lisa have never forgotten that they were once those people, people looking for encouragement and hope that their lives could change, even when times were tough. Dan shares so many personal struggles in Swing, a book that it is difficult to read without one’s eyes leaking, as he transformed from a shy, introverted personality into the impressive leader he is today. Lisa has grown into one of the top communicators in the entire community, inspiring so many with her stories of learning to complete rather than compete against each other.  These two leaders have proven that there is no substitute for consistent application of proper principles over time.

Above all, however, the most shocking revelation is that Dan and Lisa accomplished all of this by offering others the same opportunity to live Financially Free. This is what makes LIFE different than all of the other Direct Sales companies, for the business is not designed just for high achievers; instead, it’s designed to help everyone live debt and increase incomes, but the high-achievers just do it faster! The only thing, in other words, a person has to lose by joining LIFE is their debt. Naturally, some people have worked with Dan and Lisa without losing their debt, but how can a person, who does NOT read, listen, associate, and apply, expect to eliminate debt without changing his actions? This would be like blaming the exercise bike manufacturer because someone bought bike, didn’t use it, and didn’t lose weight. J

In summary, Dan and Lisa have passed the test. Their business model works and their community has documented tens of millions of dollars in debt reduction in less than two years! They are champions because they followed the process, accepted responsibility, and serve people consistently. To be sure, although anyone can do what Dan and Lisa did, few will ever focus as consistently as they did, but they still win, just not as fast. Through associating with winners like the Hawkins, everyone can escape the Financial Matrix, live their dreams, and do so debt free by following the principles in the Green Box!

Please share if Dan and Lisa have made an impact in your life.


Orrin Woodward

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Trim Tabs, Tug-of-Wars, and Ocean Ships

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 31, 2017

To ensure the safety of the passengers and cargo, the captain of the ship must somehow steer his vessel, a vessel that can weigh upwards of 150,000 metric tons, to ensure it stays in deep water. For this reason, every large ocean going ship has a steering system, consisting of several parts working within a system, including a Trim Tab, designed as a rudder for the rudder which then turns the craft.  The Trim Tab is designed to allow the captain to do systematically what is impossible to do physically, apply enough force to turn the megaton ships and fulfill his role efficiently and effectively in a predictable fashion.After all, not only is the amount of force it would take to turn one of the large ships beyond the strength of the strongest person, even the force to turn the rudder of one of these ships is beyond his strength. And yet, due to the leverage of systems, the ship turns on the Captain’s command.  

In a similar vein, every successful business applies a Trim Tab designed to produce results systematically that are impossible individually. As discussed more fully in the systems chapter of RESOLVED, the concept of Trim Tabs allows what appears to be unbelievable to become predictable, if not even mundane.  In LIFE, for instance, the leader (captain) steers his ship by growing numbers, numbers that expand by running the play that scores every time (Power Player), a play made possible by the leaders building depth. If no depth is built, however, no one goes Power Player, and thus, numbers do not grow within the community.  A non-depth building leader, referring back to the ship analogy, is like a non-steering captain of a ship, practically worthless because the craft is beached somewhere in the shallows going nowhere.

In consequence, the true objective in any profession is to determine the Trim Tab activities and master them. To be sure, the captain could have many other great qualities, friendly, loyal, and a communication skills, but he will still run the ship aground if he does not use the trim tab to turn the rudder to steer the ship. Indeed, this is why I disagree with the statement, “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff,” for this is a recipe for disaster. Instead, I suggest, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, but sweat every detail of the important stuff (the Trim Tab actions).” Success hinges upon nothing less than identifying and mastering the Tim Tab activities.

Several months back, I did a talk where I explained depth building to be like pulling the rope in a tug-of-war – the winning side must want it so bad that he/she will do everything legally, morally, and ethically, to obtain victory. Then, last week, a video surfaced from a tug-of-war contest that highlighted the importance of knowing the Trim Tab behaviors (pulling the rope) and staying focused. There was a young boy who simply refused to surrender, encouraging his whole team by his example to keep fighting and stay focused regardless of the setbacks and later exhaustion. This is impressive Trim Tab tenacity, to say the least.

Where is this type of focus, determination, and drive today that this young boy displays? Why do so many people, even those who know the proper Trim Tab activities, simply give up when the going gets tough? Laziness is not the proper response when one’s dreams are on the line; unfortunately, in contrast to the young boys persistence, quitting seems to be the most popular response in today’s pampered age. Nevertheless, as the video teaches, there is a point in every person’s life where he has to determine whether he will do whatever it takes to win or simply be content with losing.

Perhaps this is why basketball great, Kobe Bryant, minced no words when he stated, “I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you.”  The Green Box community has declared war on lazy (lazy habits, lazy excuses, lazy thinking) and replaced it with winning habits, winning reasons, and winning thinking. I simply cannot comprehend why a person would make excuses when others are counting on him. While the movie Bleed is mediocre at best, near the end it had one of the best lines on success I have ever heard. Below is the dialog between the reporter and the three-time world boxing champ, Vinny Pazienza, on the biggest lie ever told about success:

Reporter: So what would you say the biggest deception was? What was the biggest lie you were told?

Vinny Pazienza: It is not that simple.

Reporter: Why not?

Vinny Pazienza: No that is the biggest lie I was ever told.” It is not that simple” and it is a lie they tell you over and over again.

Reporter: What is not simple?

Vinny Pazienza: Any of it. All of it. It is how they get you to give up, they say, “It is not that simple”

Reporter: So what is the truth?

Vinny Pazienza: That it is. That if you just do the thing that they tell you “you cannot” then it is done. and you realize it is that simple and that it always was.

This is IT! Vinny, in a nutshell, is saying find the Trim Tab and do it regardless of how many failed captains, the ones who refuse to steer their ships, tell you bad advice. When Laurie and I discovered the Trim Tab we simply did it – we did it when everyone told us we were crazy; we did it when we physically didn’t feel like it; we did it when no one else believed. We simply did what others said could not be done and then realized how much easier doing it was than thinking about doing it while justifying why it wasn’t working.

The difference between winners and wannabes is captured in the two quotes above, namely, quit listening to those who haven’t gone where you are going and then start (and never stop) walking while everyone else is talking. No wonder why my favorite action quote is, “When all is said and done, much more is said than is ever done.” 🙂


Orrin Woodward

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Why the Green Box Matters

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 23, 2017

Life without purpose, a purpose that gives meaning to the mundane tasks of life, is merely endless ennui, a meaningless series of Sisyphean tasks where one rolls a rock uphill only to watch it roll back down. Thankfully, however, Christians are told that everything they do has meaning because it ties into the greater purpose of giving God glory through reflecting the Light of Christ in everything we do. Christians, after all, are called to be like Christ and when our actions mirror those of Christ Himself, we know we are on the right track.

Perhaps nothing drove this point home to me more than the Biblical verses in Luke where Jesus announced his public ministry. Although I have read and studied these verses before, these verses speak to me like never before now that I see them through the Financial Matrix lens. Whereas I started community building to live financially free, and kept doing it because I realized I could help others, I now realize that every Christians is called to serve others in this fashion. In other words, I realized that what I do matters, not just financially, but also mentally, and spiritually, because Christ came to set the captives free.

When people ask me why Laurie and I do what we do, I answer by turning them to Luke 4:18-20, which reads:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He has anointed Me
To preach the gospel to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed

Financial Fitness Pack

These verses are stunning to me. First, just as Christ has the Spirit of the Lord, so too do Christians receive the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them; similarly, just as Jesus was anointed by God to fulfill his purpose, so too are we anointed to fulfill ours. Second, Jesus proclaimed spiritual “good news” to the poor and healed the brokenhearted, and the Financial Fitness Program (the Green Box) proclaims financial “good news” to the poor and helps heal those brokenhearted under debt and stress. Of course, the trust gained by serving in the financial area leads to great conversations in the spiritual areas as well.

Third, Jesus proclaimed spiritual liberty to the captives and recovery of sight (both physical and spiritual) to the blind; in a similar fashion, the Green Box sets financial captives free and gives sight to those who were blind and bound in the Financial Matrix. Finally, Jesus came to set at liberty those who are oppressed and what better purpose can LIFE have than to do similarly by setting at liberty those who are oppressed in the debt and depression of the Financial Matrix, trapped without hopes and dreams.  I know of no vehicle that allows servants to interact with the world in such a win-win way to lead people to truth financially, mentally, and spiritually.

I say all this to communicate one simple truth, namely, what we do matters. Certainly, a person doesn’t have to be a Christian to participate in LIFE, but it certainly helps when he sees a bigger picture than just making money and getting out of debt personally. Indeed, one of the greatest lessons that leaders learn is that the treasures built in heaven, by fulfilling their purpose, matter much more than the profits, praise, and promotions they accumulate on earth.  The Green Box community is unlike any other because it isn’t just about reducing one’s debt, making more money, or even living one’s dreams – it’s about modeling, messaging, and mentoring to others who seek to escape financial bondage. Needless to say, so long as the Banking elites are intent upon enslaving billions of people within the Financial Matrix system, we will always have people to serve. 

This is the foremost reason, among many others, why Laurie and I do what we do. I cannot imagine anything more enjoyable than fulfilling my destiny by helping set the captives free from the financial, political, and spiritual matrices. How about you? I believe every month you are a Green Box Go-Getter, you are not only restoring your treasures on earth, but also building treasures in heaven.


Orrin Woodward

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Two Surefire Ways to Fail Financially

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 16, 2017

There are two surefire methods to fail financially elaborated upon within the Financial Fitness Program, affectionately called the Green Box.  The first is to spend when one should be saving and the second is to save when one should be investing. The two key principles of financial success (Defense and Offense) are captured within that sentence.  Nonetheless, while financial success may sound simple, it certainly isn’t easy, especially when one studies the financial results of the average household. Why, in other words, if the principles to financial success can be taught within one sentence, are so many people failing financially? This question quickly leads a person down the Financial Matrix rabbit hole and how the elites have purposefully dumbed-down the masses in order to control them through financial illiteracy, which, as the Bible states, makes the borrower slave to the lender.

Whereas some may see my last sentence as a ticket to play the victim card, this is the last thing I have in mind. Rather, I believe society, thanks to the Green Box, has the greatest opportunity to fight back against the elites that we’ve ever had, not with sit ins, walk outs or violence, but instead through shining the Light of education, encouragement, and execution to live proper financial principles. Sure, the financial elites have the right to create money out of thin air and loan it to people, who must then work a lifetimes to repay it, and this is highly egregious – but moaning and complaining about it will get us nowhere. In contrast, education, encouragement, and execution of the winning financial principles can take a person anywhere he wants to go. The real question is which path the readers will take when confronted with the truth of the Financial Matrix? For those choosing to take the path of education, it’s time to start the lesson.

I’m not going to delve too far into the specifics of spending when you should be saving because anyone reading the first several chapters of Financial Fitness will quickly grasp the principles. Still, knowing the principles does not create change until one applies them. This is where the Green Box community plays such an impactful part because like-minded people, who associate together, help to hold one another accountable to apply the principles they profess to know. The community, in essence, helps a person turn his emotions, from the opponent working against the financial plan, into an ally working with him to achieve his financial goals and dreams. Remember, advertisers are paid millions to turn the elephant mind (subconscious) against the ant (conscious) one, causing a mental civil war where people know the right financial thing to do and yet do the opposite because their emotions overcome their logic. Being a logical engineer, I was stunned when I realized my emotions were overcoming my logic! Perhaps, the reader has realized a similar truth. Thankfully, the community aligns desires by recognizing those who follow the financial principles and achieve success. To date, over 10 million dollars in savings has been documented in the last 18 months! In short, use the Green Box to develop your financial plan, plug into the Green Box community to maintain accountability, and align the ant and elephant minds to spend less than one makes.

The second principle, paradoxically, emphasizes that even if a person begins spending less than he makes, he still has decades ahead of him to achieve true financial success, unless he also learns to invest in himself. Ironically, this seems to be difficult for many recovering over-spenders. For on one hand they had to develop the discipline to stop spending money on themselves; now, on the other hand, they have to develop the discipline to start investing money in themselves. Indeed, instead of wasteful self-consumptions, leaders make helpful self-investments. Mastery of this concept, needless to say, is essential for people to move from the JOB, the Just Over Broke mindset of the Kiyosaki’s E and S quadrants, to the FREE, the Freedom Requires Entrepreneurial Excellence mindset of the B and I quadrants. Buffett emphatically states one must learn more before he can earn more, but many struggle to do so. What is up here? Why, to put it bluntly, will people spend thousands of dollars a year on personal entertainment, but quibble when investing half that amount on personal education?

I speak from personal experience here because I suffered from this irrational condition on my way to developing the FREE mindset. Although I had stopped entertaining myself to death, I still struggled with educating myself to life. Finally, I realized that low self-esteem was the root cause because I did not believe I was worth investing in, having embarrassed myself when attempting to lead in the past. Fortunately, through the power of reading, listening, and associating, I began to understand that if I didn’t invest in changing myself, then I would never provide a model for others to inspire them to change. I vowed to turn my former entertainment money into investment money and transformed myself, and subsequently, the Green Box community. I became a student to learn the trim tab (see my book RESOLVED for further information) vital behaviors to succeed. Reflecting back, after having achieved a litany of public achievements in leadership, speaking, and writing, I am astounded that I nearly blew my future by believing lies from my past, for a person too cheap to invest in himself has nothing to enrich others with.

The reader must ask and answer similar questions. Are you spending when you should be saving? If so, then join the Green Box Revolution and start living below one’s means. Furthermore, once this is in place, start investing self to improve one’s leadership skills. If the reader does the first, but not the second, then he is stuck in no-man’s land, no longer having a JOB mindset, but also not having a FREE mindset either, merely stuck in the middle until he invests in his education as much as he used to invest in his entertainment. It’s your life; it’s your choice; and, it’s your result. As for Laurie and I, the best choice we ever made is taking the money we started saving and turning it into an investment into our future, because we realized the results were worth so much more than the investment.

What choices does the reader need to make to live his dreams debt free? Choose wisely.


Orrin Woodward

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The Green Box Revolution

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 7, 2017

Have you heard about the Green Box Revolution? If you haven’t, you will because it’s transforming the finances of so many of your friends and family. The Green Box contains the plan to play Financial Defense and Offense to escape the Financial Matrix. In my completely revised version of The Financial Matrix book, I describe the four responses each family makes to finances, termed the Financial Matrix Quadrants. In short, it boils down to the household’s response to playing Financial Defense and Offense and the consequences of those decisions. To change one’s financial results, in other words, a person must change his financial responses on Defense, Offense, or more likely, both.

In less than two years, the Green Box Revolution has eliminated over $10 million in debt and flowed that previously lost income back into the household.  That’s a ton of debt wiped out in a short time, merely by applying the principles captured in the Green Box. Now the reader understands why we have termed it a revolution.  The old saying, “if you want some things to change, you are going to have to change some things,” has never been truer than today. Finances don’t just change, a person’s financial habits change and this changes everything. Thankfully, the Green Box Revolution comes with a community of like-minded people, who also want to change financially. This creates a positive environment for people to dare to do something different and the encouragement to continue, even if at first, it’s not comfortable.

Financial Fitness Pack

Regrettably, this message infuriates the financial elites, for they do not want anything to change financially because they benefit from the status quo. Indeed, the Financial Matrix is designed for elite profits through leveraging the financial illiteracy of the masses. The elites gain wealth, power, and control while the masses lose wealth, liberty, and peace of mind. The real question is why do the masses allow this egregious situation to continue, some even fighting for their own enslavement, instead of simply demanding financial justice? As absurd as this sounds, the elites have made the masses complicit in their own slavery, selling them pots of porridge (trinkets on credit) for their birthright to liberty. Whereas many have no idea the system is rigged against them and need to read The Financial Matrix (or other books on the Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) system) to comprehend the fraudulent nature of the money system, the worst part is many others know it is wrong, and yet, strangely, still solicit the Financial system’s services.

While this seems insane, it is, nonetheless, the truth. (Caution: a truth bomb is coming, and since only the truth will set the captives free, please brace yourself) How does a person fight against a fraudulent financial injustice when he has borrowed money from it?  This is hardly less hypocritical than demanding an end to prostitution while still seeking its services?  If the financial system is fraudulent, after all, then why should we borrow from it at all? The goal should be to end our association with this financial entity as quickly as possible. Needless to say, this is why we launched the Green Box Revolution, a revolution that allows people to make moral stands without being complicity in the immoral behavior, a behavior that enslaves themselves and others.

If someone hasn’t shared with you the plan to financial freedom through the Green Box Revolution, then feel free to reach out and I will ensure you are in the know. The only thing you have to lose is your debt and the invisible chains that come with it.



Orrin Woodward

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