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    Former Guinness World Record Holder for largest book signing ever, Orrin Woodward is a NY Times bestselling author of And Justice For All along with RESOLVED & coauthor of LeaderShift and Launching a Leadership Revolution. His books have sold over one million copies in the financial, leadership and liberty fields. RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE made the Top 100 All-Time Best Leadership Books and the 13 Resolutions are the framework for the top selling Mental Fitness Challenge personal development program.

    Orrin made the Top 20 Inc. Magazine Leadership list & has co-founded two multi-million dollar leadership companies. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of the LIFE. He has a B.S. degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering University) in manufacturing systems engineering. He holds four U.S. patents, and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award.

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The Entrepreneur

The American Dream
When I was a young, growing up in the small town of Columbiaville, Michigan, I loved watching and competing in sports. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat taught me so many lessons that I applied to life. In fact, I believe the lessons I learned from watching, playing, and modeling my favorite athletes helped form who I am today. Furthermore, because of my sports heroes, I became an avid reader of sports biographies, learning many of their secrets to success.

I had no idea how instrumental the hundreds of books read of my sports heroes would affect me. In truth, it wasn’t until I began teaching financial leadership for a profession that I realized what an impact my early reading had on my life. The numerous stories of young men who dreamed, struggled, and persevered until they had their victory, taught me that anything is possible in life if one is willing to work hard enough and endure through the expected setbacks.

Perhaps I was naive and should have known better, but my meritocratic world-view was shaped by my playing, watching and reading about competitive sports – one of the last remaining bastions of a performance based meritocracy.  In other words, in the competitive arena of sports, no points are given because of your previous record, your family’s background, or your ability to talk smack. Each game has pre-defined rules, an impartial referee, and competitors who begin equal with the right to become unequal based upon their performance as individuals and as teams.

In high school, I suffered from severe low self-esteem, constantly viewing others as better than myself. In many ways they were better, however, I carried it to the extreme, typically defeating myself before the competition even began. It’s hard to hide from the scoreboard, especially when you are a runner and wrestler. All eyes are upon you and you cannot blame anyone else for a lackluster performance. The scoreboard provides the facts for both victories or defeats.

Although starting late in both endeavors (junior year), I rapidly improved through hard work, great coaching, and experience, ultimately receiving several awards – most improved wrestler my senior year  (losing 5-2 to the national record holder for pins in a high school career),  All-Genesee County in Cross-Country, and anchoring the 2 mile relay in track that set the school record.  I say all of this, not to relive high school sports, but to share a key principle learned. It’s only through the willingness to endure painful experiences, persistent practices, and constructive feedback that a person can separate himself from the crowd. Simply put, meritocracy demands performance.

With these foundational principles and my Manufacturing Systems Engineering degree from GMI-EMI (now Kettering), I boldly entered into my professional career. I believed through the application of the same principles, that had helped me achieve success in competitive sports, I would quickly rise to the top at GM. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

It’s not that my career didn’t start well enough, for in less than three years of working full time, I was awarded four patents, was in the process of winning a national technical benchmarking award and received a 19% raise. Moreover, my division committed to covering all my tuition expenses for the #2 nationally ranked MBA program though University of Michigan. I was living the life I had dreamed, being on the fast-track at General Motors and developing a tight relationship with the Director of Engineering of our multi-billion dollar Delphi division. Still, I had the strange feeling that something wasn’t right.

So What Went Wrong?
One of the most painful moments in a person’s life is when he realizes there is no port of call for his ship of dreams. In other words, even people who work hard, waiting for their ship to come in, will find they waited their life away. The old plan of working hard, getting good grades, going to college, and getting a good job with benefits is DEAD! In fact, it’s rotting corpse has been buried for years, thanks to the Financial Matrix.

My personal realization of this fact came when Laurie was pregnant with our first child. (the Financial Matrix book for further details) Naively, I went to my boss and explained to him my dilemma. Laurie was working as an accountant, but we both wanted her to be a stay-at-home mother to raise our family. I asked my boss what I needed to do in order to be promoted to 8th level and receive a company car. I knew it would take this level of income to fulfill the plan of having Laurie home.

One can imagine my shock when I was told that I was only 25, and no matter how hard I worked, or what I accomplished, I would not be promoted until at least 30 years of age. Moreover, our division had over 100 extra 8th levels already so being promoted at 30 was a long shot. Talk about a bubble being burst! This was a blow below the belt that I was completely not expecting. I felt like a rat, trapped in the proverbial rat race, running around the maze as fast as I could with dead ends everywhere I ran. I vowed to learn the truth and escape the Financial Matrix rat race, no matter how difficult or painful. It was time to become an entrepreneur and launch the Green Box Revolution. 

34 Responses to “The Entrepreneur”

  1. […] Orrin Woodward in his post LIFE TEAM RETURN on INVESTMENT, had a great line,  “Sadly, most people  neglect the greatest gift that God gave them (their mind), choosing instead to pour money into areas with little or no return on investment”.  I really can’t add more to what these great leaders have to say other than as you learn it feeds your hunger to learn more.  It can also sometimes be madding because the more your learn the more you realize just how much you don’t know.  Regardless of where you are on your learning, self growth journey keep it up there are people who need to be inspired by your example. […]

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  4. Michael James said

    It amazes me how you take the time to share some deep thoughts when you don’t have to!

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  8. […]  First of all, the fact that he won me over speaks to the esteem with which I held (and still do) Orrin and the belief I had in his ability to follow through on his commitments. It also proves the power […]

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  12. […] a time of uncertainty, there are people who stand out above the crowd. Orrin Woodward, born and raised in Columbiaville Michigan, has stood above the crowd for over a decade. Believing […]

  13. […] founders of the LIFE business, dedicated to bringing life-changing leadership training to everyone, Orrin Woodward has “stood tall in the pocket,” working tirelessly for excellence, setting a solid vision for […]

  14. Orrin,
    I too hit a point of shock when my wife and I realized that by making the decision to keep Emily home to mother our children, and solely surviving on my income as a public works employee, we actually qualified for government assistance of $400 a month in groceries. Even talking about this sickens me to this day.
    Also, How does a guy like me, who pays nothing into the federal tax payroll deduction option, qualify to get 7-8 thousand dollars in a tax return each year? It isn’t right.
    With that burden, trying to get by on one income, we started a self employed business, only to wind up $100,000+ in debt, outside of our home, and nothing to show for it, except some Bankruptsy papers.
    Emily and I, are an example of a growing and expanding product of a system that you and Chris Brady developed, with the rest of the LIFE founders. We have always stuck to our gloves in making strong efforts to keep mom home from a job, although failing that decision for a couple short periods of time, and now our 4 beautiful little girls are less than 90 days away from having mom and dad home every day!
    What you are doing is working, and we are proof of that! We are forever grateful for you and what you continue to do to amaze us. We will change this country, one home at a time.
    The best part of our story is yet to come, it includes playoffs to those I had to file Bankruptsy on, paying back family members that trusted is enough to help get our self employed business started, oh yea, the trip to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary is back on the table as well, something we had given up hope on. Thank you Orrin Woodward!

  15. I’m amazed at how offended some people become when you challenge the leadership ideas being promoted today with truth about what being a real leader is. Leading not simply for the sake of developing followers but leading with truth and character that is not as present in todays world that it once was.

    Since becoming involved with the Life business I am amazed that the principles I was taught as a child and through my accomplishing the rank of Eagle Scout truly are present in todays world. My experience in corporate america and similar comments of “your to young to lead” etc enabled a mediocre mentality to fester and grow within me. What a pleasure it is to know that even if you walk alone in principles and character you can lead and influence others to do the right things, even when the world tells you it can’t be done, or that you are wrong for standing on principles and truth.

  16. Great points. People are confused some times by how wealthy the idle elite are. We are talking Billionaires and above! If you lead everyday and pay millions of dollars in taxes (which I do), then you are not part of any idle elite, since the elite hardly lead and pay little to no taxes. As a matter of record, Nelson Rockefeller when he was approved as a non-elected VP for Gerald Ford, admitted he paid no taxes for numerous years. He was a billionaire and paid no taxes?!? http://www.voxfux.com/features/rockefeller/ch1-4.html The Idle Rich and Idle Poor are killing the workers of the West. Not coincidentally, they keep the workers divided by useless terms like Democrat, Republican, and Independent. The division ought to be those who are willing to work and those who after free rides! If that was the division, then we would have a chance to restore our countries. thanks, Orrin

    • I was thinking how crazy it was, my mindset, to just be ok with the free handout, of government help. A voice of reason inside me just said its wrong, but asking my peers, they all said “take all you can get!” a take mentality, wow. So, no surprise when the truth of LIFE came, and how excited I’ve been to apply these truths.
      My point would be that everyone that is receiving a hand out, is just ok with it, doesn’t bother them at all. We should be shocked! It’s the adage, “give a man a fish, you feed him for a meal (and leave him standing with his hand out) teach a man to fish, you feed him for a life time.
      I lived in a backwoods area of the united states where it was frequent to find 5th generation families that are welfare recipients. THAT’S ALL THEY KNOW HOW TO DO! For 5 generations, not even one of them held a job, earned an income of any kind! Insane!
      Thanks for teaching truth Orrin

  17. Orrin:

    This very well may be the best article you’ve ever posted on this blog. This is a profound insight into the structure of our society, in which the exceptions to the rule such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, or even Snoop Dog and Tupac, for that matter, who’s against-the-odds and sometimes against-the-system success distract us into thinking that the “little guy” can still make it to the top, when actually, the average every day American is squeezed between two idle classes who have closed the doors to his advancement, and in fact, live off the fruits of his labor.

  18. Jeffrey Lawrence said


    It is such an inspiration to have you as a leader! You really do stretch us and grow our elephants! Thanks for being a dreamer!

  19. oliver said

    Orrin, Thanks for the coaching and mentoring i really enjoy your blog.

  20. Jeff Taff said

    Inspiring the Students of Life

    Awhhh…the “Entrepreneurial Dream.” Where is that in today’s classrooms? Where has it gone? Can anyone please tell me? As an educator in the field of history, I feel all too often that our current public schools are failing our future generations…and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better anytime soon! It’s as if we, as teachers, are told to “dumb-down” the material so the masses of students can understand it. We do this through standardized tests in which the student has to memorize facts and then regurgitate them back to us by filling in the correct circles. Wow! You see, the problem here is that not only do many students NOT understand the material, but I’d say the majority don’t even comprehend the material nor understand how to apply it to their own lives. I’ve witnessed this first-hand and this is terrible. It has to change! As Orrin Woodward said, “Anytime one styles his message to the masses, it gets dumbed down to the point where it no longer contains the kernels of truth needed to fuel the remnant. Think about how much in education, leadership, politics, etc., has been dumbed down. In most cases, the real issues aren’t even addressed because the majority of the people cannot comprehend them. Is there any hope for America and the West if we continue to dumb everything down?”

    I believe, as does Orrin Woodward, in a revolutionary counter-proposal — What if we inspired the people to learn and grew the intellectual capacity of the people, rather than forcing the people to learn and dumbing down the message for the people? This model has been proven to work for me already. It’s what I do in my classroom and it produces successful results. I mean, even Hollywood movies’ gets this one right, as messed up as our media is. I googled the “Top Ten Inspirational Teacher Movies” and here are a few I’ve found, in no particular order: Dead Poets Society, Freedom Writers, Stand and Deliver, Precious, Good Will Hunting, Finding Forrester, Dangerous Minds, The Karate Kid, and Coach Carter. Here is the usual scenario: the teacher believes in a group of students, who don’t believe in themselves. Then through tough love and encouragement, the students start to believe they have some value. Usually the teacher is transformed in the process, as well. These movies are all great and they all share “something” in common — they ALL inspire not require!

    As a current teacher (for now…I will be financially free in time), I try my best to allow my students to THINK for themselves by allowing my students to incorporate the information by relating it to their lives…through simulations, class debates, persuasive and opinion essays, and historical skits. Of course, not everything in school can be related to oneself, but most things can…if your opinion is encouraged and you’re allowed to think for yourself! I don’t think I am the only educator who thinks this way either. I know for a fact that Oliver DeMille’s Thomas Jefferson Education is very close to what I use, if not exactly the same! But getting back to the movies, they’re inspiring because in most cases, the teacher has made a difference in the lives of his students and that is why teachers teach, isn’t it? Deep down, every teacher hopes to make a difference in some way, shape, or form in the lives of his or her students. So here’s Orrin’s challenge — What if we did this across America, Canada, and eventually the world? What if we started to change the world one student at a time? Through one classroom at a time? What if…this worked? I just hope this post helps someone out there think differently about our current system of education.
    -Jeff Taff

  21. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Orrin, I am so thankful that you gave up the “safety” of a coporate job to pursue your dreams and to help others do the same!

  22. […] years into this venture we decided to break ties with the old company we were with and follow Orrin Woodward. I didn’t know who exactly Orrin was but I do remember seeing him at a conference and he […]

  23. Great post, I didn’t know you grew up in Michigan. I’m from Detroit. Keep up the good work, you have an awesome page.

  24. Michael Stithem said

    “It’s only through the willingness to endure painful experiences, persistent practices, and constructive feedback that a person can separate himself from the crowd.” I love that point. It is so true on so many levels. Thanks again for telling it again so spot on. Well done.

  25. I was dream building this afternoon on multi million dollar mansions and visualizing my family and The Team hanging out at them, when I ended up on a negative site about those leaders we know and love called the Policy Council. Because of the system they have created, they have made it possible to free my family for the first time in generations from the bondage of debt. Because of the decisions they have made, they have given me the opportunity, thru reading, listening and associating, to become a good queen like Terri Brady says. I have been blessed to become a stay at home mom. Three years ago, I would of never dreamed we could eliminate ALL of our debt outside of our home, but this spring, we did. I think it was Chris Brady who said “When one deceides to change the world, one quickly finds out, that there are already people running the world and they like it just the way it is. You will be opposed.” Thank you to all our Policy Council Leaders for standing up and leading the charge towards freedom even when you are opposed.

    • Orrin Woodward said

      Melissa, I developed this quote as a mindset anytime I hear criticism, “Let others criticize; let us serve; let God be the judge.” Congratulations on applying the principles and getting debt free! thanks, Orrin

  26. […] this as I have gone out and talked to other young people about LIFE Leadership. There is an entrepreneurial spirit about our generation. A spirit that is […]

  27. orlando said

    Awesome story 🙂

  28. […] all areas of their life. Very few people I talk to think they have it all figured out so with the LIFE information we can truly reach a ton of people and make a big impact just by introducing new information into […]

  29. Joshua said

    Just looking for a light in the darkness… My name is Joshua. My mother and father have been in involved in team for quite a while. very enthused and my father has grown a lot threw the knowledge and out of his comfort zone, for this I am convinced and more than great full for this blessing that team offers us to have threw our lord Jesus but I am a small biz owner trying to make a positive impact on our community and future (children) and over all our nation but I believe it all starts at the community level. regardless I am very interested in this and signed up on the all access plan. I have received great knowledge and the info I cant afford to own I retain on line or mainly at local library and book trades. I am hoping to find a mentor or someone with more knowledge to help guide me on the path to freedom and help influence our future and community in a positive and productive lasting manor. I humbly ask for true leaders and those with a heart for success to contact me please. I am determined and excited to grow this knowledge and success with our community country and a world for synergy if possible but I am just a small man with big dreams tho the it may be crazy I will always examine any suggestion even if for only a moment so not to waist an opportunity to better our future and our community. I am a good learner and follower that will lead to greatness. God bless
    Joshua Lammers

  30. When I was 29 years old I started a small talent agency and took it nationwide over the next few years, I even appeared on the reality show, Shark Tank, on the ABC network.

    Being an entrepreneur has given me a level of freedom that I never would have had as an employee, it has also allowed me to grow my income, spend time with my kids, and live life on my own terms.

    I still own the talent agency, and 2 years ago I started a Life Leadership business as well.

    Both ventures are profitable, my wife and I have paid off over $160,000 in debt since 2014.

    Anyone can become an entrepreneur within the Life business, and do so without risking a ton of money. That is one of the reasons I love the business; I can help other people succeed using a system that can scale up all over the planet.

    The JOB is not the answer, you will always have to answer to a boss, and you will never gain the freedom to do WHAT you want to do, WHEN you want to do it!

  31. Turnier Jennyfer said

    It’s amazing to learn how does the financial matrix enforce our possibility to grow.Life leadership is the life you’ve always wanted

  32. Jerry said

    Hi Orrin thank you for sharing your story. I had a successful career with uncle same but at the end it just did not meet my desires for my huge dreams. And they were tucked away but I always knew in my heart there was something else just like in the PAILS story I had the bottom layers but no top layers to speak of. I am thankful for the opportunity you are given to us all. I am always saying I wish I knew about LIFE 5 years ago:) it is an awesome industry and I am growing as a better person everyday. Thank you and thank Laurie.

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